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About Patel Technomation

We are the company dedicatedly involved for Used machinery trading for metalworking industries. We are well experianced team of Engineers with insight knowledge of machinetools of vaious categories and features. We also share our expertise and vast exposure to formulate your production planning with latest technologies. Please visit our webpage to find our current offerings or write us your requirements per email.

We serve start from locating exact machines to meet your need or find one with the best combination of features up to supervised dismantling, packing & stuffing, overseas shipment and documentation. We may locate it from any warehouse in Europe or from the factory floor; in all cases price effective and through reliable sources so the working quality are always assured or cleared.

Our experience covers small machines valued from few Thousand up to production facilities costing few hundred thousand Euros and exporting a machine weighing upto 200 tonne.

During last five years of our professional approach of dismantling, loading and stuffing had never had complaints even after shipping more than 1000 containers and counting.

We can find the exact machine to meet your needs or find one with the best combination of features, condition, and price. We may locate it from any warehouse in Europe or from still on the factory floor.

Please ask us for references; we are sure that we can provide you know

Patel Technomation Deuschland is a used machinery dealing division of Patel Technomation Pvt. Ltd. India.

Who we are

Our individuals from staff are openly licensed salespeople and appraisers and have significant learning of the different business areas and their auxiliary markets.

Our Ability

Wherever conceivable, we have all our utilized apparatus and gear looked at by our specialists in our own, cutting edge workshop in the 2010 new assembled organization building.


Our center business zone is showcasing utilized apparatus and gear. To see if this approach would be a smart thought for your apparatus, we do a cautious examination with you and clarify the outcomes.